Foaming Thermal Rubber - Ultra - Light Injection Rubber

Foaming Thermal Rubber - Ultra - Light Injection Rubber

Product Details

FTR (Foaming thermalplastic rubber)- ultra - light injection rubber 

FTR (Foaming thermalplastic rubber) is a new type of elastomeric composite. It is a lightweight thermoplastic rubber. The product has excellent performance and can be molded by injection molding.

FTR has characteristic of low density, high elastic, comfortable, feel good, the appearance color is even, no flow pattern, the surface matte, the fog surface effect is good. You can achieve high quality and smooth appearance without spraying. And it can be recycled 100%. It is a new kind of eco-friendly sole material.

Features of FTR:

1. Excellent matte surface effect (no spraying)

2. Excellent slip-resistance.

3. Excellent wear resistance: DIN is less than 200mm3.

4. Excellent winding resistance performance: - 20 folding more than 60000 times

5. Super light specific density:  0.65-0.8g/cm3.

6. Has strong rubber texture, high elasticity and comfortable.

7. The processing performance is excellent, it can be molding by the disk injection molding machine.

8. It is completely eco-friendly and can be recyclable and cyclic utilization.

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