Foaming Thermal Rubber -Lightweight Injection Rubber

Foaming Thermal Rubber -Lightweight Injection Rubber

Product Details

FTR (Foaming thermalplastic rubber)- ultra - light injection rubber 

FTR (Foaming thermalplastic rubber) is a new type of elastomeric composite. It is a lightweight thermoplastic rubber. The product has excellent performance and can be molded by injection molding.

FTR has characteristic of low density, high elastic, comfortable, feel good, the appearance color is even, no flow pattern, the surface matte, the fog surface effect is good. You can achieve high quality and smooth appearance without spraying. And it can be recycled 100%. It is a new kind of eco-friendly sole material.

Features of FTR:

1. Excellent matte surface effect (no spraying)

2. Excellent slip-resistance.

3. Excellent wear resistance: DIN is less than 200mm3.

4. Excellent winding resistance performance: - 20 folding more than 60000 times

5. Super light specific density:  0.65-0.8g/cm3.

6. Has strong rubber texture, high elasticity and comfortable.

7. The processing performance is excellent, it can be molding by the disk injection molding machine.

8. It is completely eco-friendly and can be recyclable and cyclic utilization.

Performance comparison and discrimination.

1. PVC sole:

No injection port, cut a piece of fire, flame jump, with green edge, out of fire, oil resistant, wear resistant, good insulation performance, anti-skid performance.

The sole of the PVC material is heavier than TPR. Smell with your nose, and you'll have white stuff if you keep it long.

2. TPR base;

There is injection port, cut a piece of light, the flame is stable, no green edge, not extinguish from the fire, black smoke, soluble in toluene, smoke when burning, the burning place is melting; TPR is heavier, heavier, more resilient, and less abrasive.

3. RB (rubber sole) :

No injection mouth, burning the coke of waste tires, it is mainly used for moulding, vulcanization process, the burning of powder, wear. Rubber sole proportion is large, but soft, very wear-resistant, strong grip, but poor elasticity, taste like bitter, color black, wear resistance is not as good as polyurethane, good folding property. The difference between TPR and RB is simply to take a small piece and burn it. RB rubber smells like burning tires.

4. EVA base (ethylene) : no injection port, burning with the burnt smell of candle, and after the dissolution, the smell of paraffin wax after burning, the body is light and elastic, with good adhesion. EVA is very light and elastic, but it has been worn for a long time.

5. PU base (polyurethane) :

Light the flame to watch the flame dance in orange, burning with the phenomenon of dissolving, after extinguishing the smell of paraffin. There is air hole and smell of paint. The material is soft, wear-resistant, oil - resistant and cold, good elasticity.

PU and MD are flexible and durable, and are more flexible and comfortable in sports. They are smaller and lighter. (PU is better than MD density, but it is also relatively heavy.) The sole of PU material is very good to recognize, hold in the hand relatively light, the hole on the back of the sole is round.