Transparent Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116

Transparent Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116

Product Details

Transparent Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-A116 for top grade transparent pvc products

1.   Product type and application of Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116



Reference   dosage

Ca Zn   stabilizer CZ-A116

Top   grade Transparent PVC products


2.   Technical data of Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116

Appearance: white powder

Drying loss (%): 1.0 max

Zinc stearate (%): 1.5±0.1

Calcium stearate (%):1.4±0.1

3.   Characteristic of Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116

      PVC products use Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116 is up to ROHS standard, the transparency is the same to using 

       organotin stabilizer. It is used for soft or semi-hard transparent film and calendering products. It also used for high 

        efficiency PVC injection molding toys. Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116 has excellent thermal stability, transparency, 

        excellent initial coloring, processing  performance, aging resistance and electrical properties.

      4. Application features of Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116

         a. Excellent thermal stability

         b. Excellent color retention

         c. Excellent transparency

         d. Excellent physical performance retention

If Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A116 replace liquid Ca Zn stabilizer, the dosage is 70-80% of original formula when CZ-A116 be used in transparent PVC products.

4.   Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.

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