PVC Stabilizer CZ-208A For PVC Extrusion Molding And PVC Injection Molding

PVC Stabilizer CZ-208A For PVC Extrusion Molding And PVC Injection Molding

Product Details

PVC Stabilizer CZ-208A For PVC extrusion molding and PVC injection molding

PVC stabilizer CZ-208A is non-toxic environmental protection, no harmful heavy metal, can replace lead salt, organic tin stabilizer, favorable environmental protection. Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-208A has Excellent thermal stability, excellent initial coloring, long term stability and good weather resistance. It has both toughening and melting, and the plasticizing fluidity is good. PVC stabilizer has a unique coupling effect, giving the filling agent good dispersibility, enhancing the package with the resin, improving the luster and luster of the products, improving the appearance of the products and improving the performance of the products.

PVC Stabilizer Applicable scope: hard PVC extruded parts, injection molded parts.

Main components: calcium zinc and organic compound system

The advantage of PVC Stabilizer CZ-208A

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer CZ-208A is manufactured and processed well. The plasticizing fluidity is good, thereby reducing the water grain butterfly spot of the product, this is one of the important characteristics of this product.

With hard technology and strong production capacity, it meets the requirements of eu ROHS environmental standards. It is the ideal replacement for lead stabilizer.

Excellent initial chromaticity and thermal stability, good weather resistance.

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