Calcium Zinc Stabilizer For PVC Rigid Product And Extrusion Product

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer For PVC Rigid Product And Extrusion Product

Product Details

Calcium Zinc stabilizer CZ-203 for pvc rigid product and extrution product


1.    Product type



Reference   dosage

Ca Zn   stabilizer CZ-203

Pvc rigid product, extrusion product


2.    Main ingredients:

Calcium Zinc  and organic compound system.  Calcium Zinc stabilizer CZ-203 contains other additives that provide an optimum balance of internal and external lubrication. 

Physical properties: appearance: white powder

3.    Characteristic of product:

Calcium Zinc stabilizer CZ-203 completely meet EU ROHS Directive and fully follow SGS standard, which are truly environmental friendly heat stabilizers. Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-203 can replace lead salt, organic tin stabilizer, conducive to environmental protection. PVC Stabilizer CZ-203 has excellent thermal stability, excellent initial coloring, long term stability and good weather resistance. It has both toughening and promote melting, and plasticizing fluidity is good.  PVC Stabilizer CZ-203 has unique coupling effect, giving the filling agent good dispersibility, enhancing the package with resin, improving the luster and luster of the products, improving the appearance of the products and improving the performance of the products. 

4.    Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
 Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.

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