Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Soft Foam

Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Soft Foam

Product Details

 Ca Zn stabilizer for PVC soft foam


1.    Product type



Reference   dosage

Ca Zn   stabilizer CZ-206

Pvc soft foam


2.    Technical data:

Appearance: white powder

Loss on drying (Moisture) (%): 1.0 max

Metallic oxide (%): 12 max

Apparent density (g/cm3): 0.55-0.75

3.    Characteristic of product:

Developed over years by our company, Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-206 is a non-toxic environmental protection, no harmful heavy metal, can replace lead salt, organic tin stabilizer. PVC Heat Stabilizer CZ-206 has excellent thermal stability, excellent initial coloring, long term stability and good weather resistance. Calcium Zinc stability CZ-206 has both toughening and melting, and the plasticizing fluidity is good. Heat Stabilizer CZ-206 has a unique coupling effect, giving the filling agent good dispersibility, enhancing the package with the resin, improving the luster and the luster of the products, improving the appearance of the products and improving the performance of the products.

4. Applicable scope: Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-206 can be used in pvc yoga mat, artificial leather, carpet, shoe material, bottle cap inner pad and other different foaming ratio products.

Main components: calcium zinc and organic compoun system.

4.    Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE film inner, store dry at room temperature.