Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Rigid Product And Extrusion Product

Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Rigid Product And Extrusion Product

Product Details

Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-203 for pvc rigid product and extrution product


1.    Product type



Reference   dosage

Ca Zn   stabilizer CZ-203

Pvc rigid product, extrusion product


2.    Main ingredients:

Ca Zn series organic synthesis. The high level fatty acid calcium and high level fattt acid zinc are used as the basis, compound with high performance heat resisting auxiliaries and antioxidants and by pass through special compound processing treatment. 

Physical properties: appearance: white powder

3.    Characteristic of product:

Calcium Zinc stabilizer CZ-203 completely meet EU ROHS , REACH-SVHC, PAHS, NO-18P, EN and other international environmental standards. 

Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-203 has excellent initial dyeing property and long term stability, as well as excellent weather resistance.

PVC Stabilizer CZ-203C has excellent processing performance, and give the product surface brightness.

Good gelatinization can reduce melt viscosity and extrusion torque.

4.    Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.

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