Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Fitting

Ca Zn Stabilizer For PVC Fitting

Product Details

Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-202B for pvc fitting


1.    Ca Zn Stabilizer Product type



Reference   dosage

Ca/Zn   stabilizer CZ-202B

PVC pipe fitting


2.    Technical data:

Appearance: white powder

Loss on drying (Moisture) (%): 1.0 max

Metallic oxide (%): 12 max

3.    Characteristic of product:

Calcum Zinc Stabilizer CZ-202B completely meet EU ROHS Directive and fully follow SGS standard, which are truly environmental friendly heat stabilizers.

PVC Stabilizer CZ-202B contains other additives that synergistically enhance the stabilizing efficiency and initial dyeing property, provide an optimum balance of internal and external lubrication. Comparing with lead salt stabilizer, Ca Zn stabilizer CZ-202B can achieve same level of heat stability, with better weather resistance, suitable for many kinds of processing equipment and technology, to make PVC products with good physical property and integrated performance.

The recommended level of addition is between 4.0-5.0 phr. depending on machine conditions and pipe dimensions. Hot mix temperature: 105-120 centigrade.

4.    Ca Zn Stabilizer Package and storage: 25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.

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