Ca Zinc Stabilizer For PVC

Ca Zinc Stabilizer For PVC

Product Details

Ca Zn stabilizer

Products model Application scope

CZ-202 Apply to PVC pipe fittings and injection moulding products

CZ-203 Apply to PVC pipes (large diameter) and extrusion products

CZ-203 CApply to PVC pipes and extrusion products

CZ-208 AApply to PVC profiles (GB)

CZ-208 CApply to PVC profiles (dual flat extrusion machine)

CZ-208 FApply to PVC foam profiles and sheet materials

CZ-201 Apply to PVC synthetic leather and shoe materials

CZ-A18 Apply to transparent products (top grade)

CZ-A18 AApply to transparent products

CZ-205 Apply to PVC cable materials (white materials)

CZ-205 EApply to PVC electronic materials and colored materials

CZ-205 FApply to PVC soft products and shoe materials

CZ-205 HApply to PVC calendered sheet and etc.


Appearance: White, yellowish powder or strip particles

Heating loss: 1.5% max

Metal oxide content: 15%-45%

Product features

Calcium zinc stabilizers are mainly based on calcium zinc organic acid salt, reasonably collocating various imported highly efficient auxiliary stabilizers and both internal and external lubricants. They have advantages of high heatstability, good initial coloring property, excellent processing performance and wide working range.

The product series are free of any toxic metal, such as lead, cadmium, barium, chromium and etc. The products completely meet EU ROHS Directive and fully follow SGS standard, which are truly environmental friendly heat stabilizers.

 Comparing with lead salt stabilizer, the calcium zinc stabilizers can achieve same level of heat stability, with better weather resistance, suitable for many kinds of processing equipment and technology, to make PVC resin with good physical property and integrated performance. They are more cost-effective compared with imported products.

Reference formula

Model Application scope Suggested dosage(phr.)


CZ-202 PVC pipe fittings and injection moulding products3.8-4.5

CZ-203 PVC pipes (large diameter) and extrusion products3.2-4.5

CZ-203 CPVC pipes and extrusion products3.2-4.8

CZ-208 APVC profiles (GB)4.2-5

CZ-208 FseriesPVC foam profiles and sheet materials4.2-5

CZ-208 CPVC profiles (dual flat extrusion machine)3.8-4.2

CZ-201 PVC synthetic leather and shoe materials1.5-2.8

CZ-A18 PVC transparent products (top grade)0.8-2.5

CZ-A18 APVC transparent products0.5-1.1

CZ-205 PVC cable materials (90 centigrade)4.5-5.5

CZ-205 EPVC electronic materials and colored materials4.2-5.2

CZ-205 FPVC shoe materials0.8-1.3

CZ-205 HPVC calendered sheet and etc.5-6

Usage advice

When using the product, the users should base on their own technical index requirements, as per different moulds, equipments, processing temperature and different formulas, adjusted the dosage correspondingly to achieve the best using effect. Compared with lead salt stabilizer, the processing temperature of each area should be reduced 5-8 centigrade. Hot mix temperature: 105-120 centigrade 

Packing and transportation

The products should be stored in dry and cool place with air ventilation, and pay attention to moisture proof.

The products packed in kraft paper bag or plastic woven bag lined with PE bag, 20kg/25kg net weight per bag.

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