Calcium Zinc Stabilizer For Transparent PVC

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer For Transparent PVC

Product Details

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer CZ-A117 For top grade Transparent PVC

1.   Type and application



Reference   dosage

Ca Zn   stabilizer CZ-A117

Top grade Transparent PVC  

  soft products and semi-rigid 

  environmental friendly PVC 



2.   Technical data

Appearance: white powder

Drying loss (%): 1.0 max

Zinc stearate (%): 1.5±0.1

3.   Characteristic

PVC products use Calcium Zinc Stabilizer CZ-A117 is up to ROHS standard, the transparency is the same to using organotin stabilizer.

Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A117 has excellent thermal stability, excellent initial coloring, long term stability and good weather resistance. It has both toughening and melting, and the plasticizing fluidity is good. It has a unique coupling effect, giving the filling agent good dispersibility, enhancing the package with the resin, improving the color brightness and fastness of the products, improving the appearance of the products and improving the performance of the products.

If Calcium Zinc Stabilizer CZ-A117 replace liquid Ca Zn stabilizer, the dosage is 80-90% of original formula when CZ-A117 be used in transparent PVC products.

4.  The advantage

a.  Good transparency

     Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A117 has excellent transparency and initial coloration, which leads to better quality of  

      products and stronger market competitiveness.

b. Good resistance to aerugo properties

     Good anti-oxidation property, good weather resistance, and the resistance to sulfuration, which can not be 

     achieved by ordinary stabilizer, can effectively solve the aerugo problem of transparent wire and cable.

c.  Excellent anti-precipitation and anti-frosting performance

     Ca Zn Stabilizer CZ-A117 not only has excellent anti-precipitation and anti-frosting performance,  also has 

     good intermiscibility, less volatility and less mobility.  


5.   Package and storage

     25kgs paper bag with PE bag inner, store dry at room temperature.

6. Shipping and payment of Calcium Zinc Stabilizer CZ-A117    MOQ:   3000kgs 

   Sample:  free sample

   Packing detail: 25kgs paper bag, 20,000kgs/20'FCL

   Shipment schedule: in 2 weeks to 20days after order confirmation

   Payment term: L/C at sight or T/T

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