High Efficient MBS Impact Modifier

High Efficient MBS Impact Modifier

Product Details

High Efficient MBS impact modifier

Product model      


Model                                                               Application                                                                   Reference dosage   

High efficient MBS WS-M6              PVC transparent products                                 MBS Impact modifier M6 replace MBS 80-95% 

                                                                                                                                                                  dosage of  original formula  

High efficient MBS WS-M8          PVC transparent products and industrial sheet MBS Impact modifiers M8 replace MBS 80-95% 

                                                                                                                                                                    dosage of original formula   

High efficient MBS WS-MD2  PVC non-transparent products and IC card         PVC Impact modifier MD2 replace MBS 90-95% 

                                                                                                                                                                    dosage of original formula   

High efficient MBS WS-MD3    PVC non-transparent products, pressure pipe and ect. Impact polymer MD3 replace MBS 90-95% 

                                                                                                                                                                    dosage of original formula


 Chemical composition:    Acrylic PVC modified graft polymer

 Appearance:                    White or slightly yellowish crystalline powder

 Heating loss:                   1.2% max

 Apparent density:           1.17-1.39g/cm2

 Heavy metals:                 10PPM max


Product features:

Using the high efficient MBS WS M6, M8, MD2 and MD3 series products to replace traditional MBS, have advantage of excellent modification effect with less dosage, which follows EU ROHS Directive. The weather resistance and heat resistance of MBS plastic products improved, with good compatibility, gloss of product surface improved and the integrated cost reduces usd15-30/TON.  

The high efficient MBS as acrylic modified graft products, except the features of ACR201 and P-20, this MBS impact modifers can replace the MBS modifier by whole. The dosage is 80-95% of original formula, ACR dosage can reduce 0.2-0.4phr, and external lubricant dosage reduces 0.2-0.3phr. The extrusion section of processing temperature increases 8-12 centigrade. 

Usage advice:

When using MBS impact modifier WS-M series products, as its fluidity is better than MBS, users should reduce the dosage of ACR and external lubricant to prevent water ripple phenomenon, the reduction dosage should be decided as per actual situation of different manufacturers.

To use MBS impact modifiers WS-MD series, as the product fluidity is good, users should reduce ACR and external lubricant dosage correspondingly to achieve the best effect.


Packing and transportation:

The product should be stored in dry and cool place with air ventilation, and pay attention to moisture proof. The guarantee period is one year.

 The product packed in kraft bag lined with PE bag, 25kg net weight per bag. or use 500kg big bag.