What Is The Purpose Of Zinc Stearate

Properties: 1 2, white powder, zinc content: 13.0%-14.5% 3, free acid, total ash content ≤ 1% ≤ 14.3%, 5 6 melting point ≥ 120 ℃, this product is nontoxic, pollution-free, risk-free characteristics
Are two main processes: water law, mainly refers to the method of double decomposition and saponification. By double decomposition with stearic acid and sodium hydroxide reactions and then reacting with zinc, precipitate of zinc stearate and separation; saponification is the first zinc production zinc hydroxide and sodium hydroxide reactions, then reacts with stearic acid, zinc stearate, and then separation. Feature is the availability of good color, high purity products, as well as industry-specific use of effects than dry well. Drawback is the low production efficiency and a lot of water, emit large amounts of salt water, drying and moisture control energy consumption, packaging bag is larger.