The Use Of Zinc Stearate

Product use:
1. Paper industry: it can be used as waterproofing agent, used for heat-sensitive paper and specialty paper products waterproof coating and surface, especially for the supermarket barcode lubrication coating on the paper and paper tickets.
2. Waterborne coatings: for high quality water based paints, wood PuTTY, high-grade paint, high-grade paint, primer, and so on.
3. Cosmetic products: can be used as lubricants and improve the surface smoothness.
4. Rubber and plastic industry: mainly used as lubricants and styrene resins, phenolic resins, Amino resins demolding. at the same time in rubber vulcanization active agents, softeners function.
5. Textile industry: can be used for polishing agents, improving surface hydrophobicity.
6. Inks: can be used for flatting agent, improved ink filling properties, stability, anti-settling and waterproof.
7. Leather: can be used for flexible agents, improve smoothness of leather and waterproof.
8. Grinding sandpaper: can be used for grinding, surface grinding, abrasion-resistant and waterproof.
9. Other industries: cement mortar and concrete in various fields such as (increasing degrees).