Synthesis Of Lead Stearate

1. double decomposition method was used. The stearic acid at 20 times the weight of water dissolve in 90 ℃ joined 10 Baume concentration of caustic soda, generate a dilute liquid soap. Then, joined by double decomposition of lead nitrate solution under the same temperature. Stearic acid precipitation of water washing, centrifugal dewatering and drying at 100 ℃, to obtain the finished product. Raw material consumption: stearic acid (198-205 acid, iodine value of ≪4), 740kg/t, caustic soda (30%) 370kg/t, lead acetate (98%) 540kg/t.
2. calculation of stearic acid alcohol solution with lead acetate solution to mixing, precipitation of lead stearate SOAP, decantation wash with water until no free of lead ions. Filtration separation of precipitation, after drying with toluene or 95% of ethanol to crystallize, resulting products to 80 ℃ in the oven dried to constant weight.
3. after joining the stearic acid reaction Kettle melt, add sodium hydroxide solution, mixed reactions, sodium stearate SOAP solution, then add the diluted solution of lead acetate and continue stirring response, discharging, dewatering, drying, crushing, sieving, lead stearate powder can be obtained.