Product Characteristics Of PVC Plasticizer

PVC plasticizers products feature:
1, PVC plasticizer hardiness. PVC plasticizer freezes at minus 18 ° c is not thickened. Repeated numerous trials, stable quality, constant liquid flow. Place: mountain, coastal, Highland.
2, a PVC plasticizer, resilience, and scalability. Dioctyl phthalate, butyl ester synthesis process by the above proportion added plant-can also increase plastic film toughness and flexibility. It is superior to the use of ester, Ester.
3, PVC plasticizers are not oil. PVC plasticizers and PVC resins are soluble, heat-stable longer, solves the problem of oil precipitates. Mixed ester plasticizer PVC, butyl ester 30%~50% quantity, the best result (=70+30 plasticizer dioctyl +PVC)
4, PVC plasticizers to increase light transparency.
5, PVC plasticizers reduce the cost of PVC products manufacturer.