Transparent Masterbatch For Plastic Film

Transparent Masterbatch For Plastic Film

Product Details

Transparent Masterbatch for plastic film

Transparent masterbatch HCD-201 is produced by special resin, high quality transparent powder and assistants processed by double screw extruder. It has the property of high transparency, good hardness, wear-resisting, low oil absorption, even grain-size distribution, easy dispersion, well anti-collapse, good suspension and good stability. It has the good compatibility with the resin, the refractive index of our transparent masterbatch is similar to major synthetic resin. These filler masterbatch is widely applied in each kind of film production such as packing membrane, earth film, greenhouse film, agriculture film and so on. This masterbatch is also applied in plastic and rubber production.

 Performance of product
1. HCD-201 has property of good dispersion, fluidity and workability which cause the end product smooth exquisite.
2. The transparency of film which add HCD-201 is good, its light transmittance is much higher than film add ordinary master batch.
3. After adding HCD-201, the mechanics performance like angle tearing strength, tensile strength, extension at break of film is express better than ordinary master batch film. 
4. The heat sealing is good, and has certain aperture nature.
5. Add 10%-15% HCD-201 to PE tubing, the transparency of PE tubing is similar to 100% purity PE tubing. Furthermore, it can balanced or remove inner stress, improve processability, beneficial to uniform wall thickness of tubing, it also improve the impact strength of tubing. 


1. When use in HDPE and LDPE membrane, it will not affect the transparency and tensile of membrane when add 15% proportion HCD-201.
2. When use in greenhouse film, it basically don't affect the transparency of film, also keeps warm to the night and cover part of harmful light.
3. When use in PP injection molding, tubing and wiredrawing, it has good toughening and reinforcing function.  



Testing Conclusion

Density   g/cm3

1.8 max



MFI   g/10min





high quality transparent powder

Ash content %


Water Contained%


Melt temperature℃


Heat Resistance℃


Addition in Film Sample%




◆ Application method  
Add HCD-201 according to 5-30% proportion to resin, mix evenly, which can be used directly in machine.  

◆ Application scope
1. It is used in thermal polyolefin, like PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and recycle plastics. 
2. It is used in film, plate, sheet material, tubing,special section molding, extruding molding, injection molding, calendering molding and printing plastic bag and so on.  

◆ Packing and transportation
25kgs woven bag with PE inner film. According to non-dangerous material for storage and transportation. In the transportation must guard moisture-proof, guard against expose to the sun, guard against broken and so on.  

◆ Matters need attention
HCD-201 must be stored in dry, cool, ventilated and clean storehouse. It has hygroscopicity, has not used up material must packed in bags and grip bag mouth, can not put it in the air for a long time. After absorption of moisture, it must be dried again for use. 


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