Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch For Injection Molding, Blow Molding And Extrusion Molding

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch For Injection Molding, Blow Molding And Extrusion Molding

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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch for Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion molding

Haichuanda calcium carbonate masterbatch HCD-108 is a Pe based master batch containing activated ultra-fine calcium carbonate with dispersant, plasticizer, antidegradants kinds of auxiliary agent. After repeated mixing and blending made of oval granule by double screw extruder. This masterbatch is applicable to all types of polyolefin resin filling and modification, and can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce power consumption and lower raw material costs. At present the products are widely used in plastic film and extrusion, injection molding, blow molding product.

The company's advanced production process developed a formula and unique special polyolefin film master batch, this product formula designed to not only strengthen the interface between the filler and the resin even together, but also take into account the masterbatch and resin compatibility between. So that the master batch have features of large quantity loading, high strength, good dispersion and can be many ways to improve the performance of plastic products. The master batch low prices and energy-saving features that can significantly reduce the cost of finished products

● Specification


Testing Conclusion

Density   g/cm3




MFI   g/10min





activated ultra-fine calcium carbonate

Ash content %


Water Contained%


Melt temperature ℃


Heat Resistance ℃


Addition in Film Sample%




Use for film and micro-film
Improve the print clarity of finished product
Improve the opening of finished product
Surface of finished product has a good gloss
Increase the flow of raw materials in production process, increase production efficiency.

Use for injection molding
Improve strong degree, hardness and wear resistance of product
As the master batch have high thermal conductivity, workpiece temperature balance is good in molding process, which can significantly reduce the shrinkage, collapse pits and deflection deformation phenomenon of workpices,  improve dimensional stability, reduces the inner stress andstress cracking phenomenon in the use of products
Improve the heat resistance and fire retardancy

●  As the master batch have high thermal conductivity and good fluidity, molding process workpice cooling fast (compared with the pure resin) which can shorten the molding cycle and improve production efficiency.

●  The good fluidity of master batch can reduce the injection molding temperature and pressure, saving energy.

●  Add to this master batch, does not affect the original electrical insulsion and alkali resistance.

Use for hollow blow molding, extrusion molding
●  Improve anti-bending strength of the finished products
●  Reduce shringkage and improve dimensional stability of the finished products, reduce shrinkage distortion of the finished products, and the phenomenon of collapse pits.
●  Improve the thermal properties and heat distortion temperature, flame retardancy, thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion coefficient of the finished products.
●  Improve the thermal conductivity and mobility in the production process, reduce product cycle times, improve production efficiency.
●  If the finished product is white, can improve its whiteness, reduce the use of white master batch.


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