2-Carboxyethylphenylphosphinic Acid

2-Carboxyethylphenylphosphinic Acid

Product Details

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Product name: 2-Carboxyethylphenylphosphinic Acid   

CAS No.14657-64-8   



Appearance         White crystalline powder   

Water content, %        0.1 max   

Melting point, 0C        158 min   

Chlorine ions, ppm        200 max   

Acid value, mgKOH/g        522±4.0   

Iron content, %                0.02 max   

Phosphorus content, %           14.0±0.5   

Light transmittance (300nm),%   90.0 min   

Purity (HPLC), %        99.0 min   


This product is a kind of reactive halogen-free flame-retardant, which is applicable to the permanent 

flame-retardanting modification of polyester. The spinnability of modified polyester is fairly good 

as normal PET and PBT, which can be spinned by all spinning system.