What is a calcium zinc stabilizer?

What is a calcium zinc stabilizer?

  Calcium zinc stabilizer is usually divided into: solid calcium zinc stabilizer and liquid calcium zinc stabilizer.

Solid calcium zinc stabilizer:

  The main appearance of calcium zinc stabilizer was white powder, flake, paste. Powder  calcium zinc stabilizer is used as the most widely used non-toxic PVC  stabilizer, commonly used in food packaging, medical equipment, wire and  cable materials. At present, there are PVC and zinc stabilizers that can be used in hard pipe in China.
The  thermal stability of powdered calcium zinc stabilizer is not as good as  that of lead salt, so it has certain lubricity, poor transparency and  easy blooming. In order to improve its stability and  transparency, hindered phenols, polyols, phosphites and β-diketone and  other antioxidants are usually added to improve.
The two systems of calcium and zinc stabilizer are mainly divided into hydrotalcite system and zeolite system.
The price of powdery zinc-zinc stabilizer is uneven, without a standard national standard to be regulated.

Liquid Calcium Zinc Stabilizer:

  Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer appearance mainly pale yellow oily liquid. Powder  and liquid stability is not very different, liquid calcium zinc  stabilizer usually has greater solubility, and has good dispersion in  the PVC resin powder, the transparency of the impact is much smaller  than the powder stabilizer. However, there is a greater risk of liquid stabilizer precipitation. Need to choose a suitable solvent.
Liquid stabilizers are commonly used in PVC products where the total amount of plasticizer is greater than 10 to 20 phr.
Metallic  soap and additives in the solvent has a greater solubility; low  volatility, high flash point, low viscosity, colorless or light color,  no smell, non-toxic or low toxicity. For example, liquid paraffin, white oil, diesel oil, spindle oil and other mineral oil as a solvent. It  is noteworthy that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are present  in some of the solvents. According to the relevant provisions of section  30 of the German Food and Commodities Act (LMBG), the maximum allowable  PAH levels are 10mg / kg (10PPM), BaPbenzo ) The maximum allowable limit of pyrene is 1mg / kg (1PPM), some countries in the EU are also prepared to adopt this standard. Co-stabilizers  do not have thermal stability per se, but they improve stability  because without the aid of one-component cadmium, the main phosphites,  epoxies and phenolic antioxidants, auxiliary substances such as  β-diketones Significantly important.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer application:

CH400,  CH401, CH402 calcium zinc composite thermal stabilizer is a kind of  environment-friendly and efficient multifunctional liquid calcium-zinc  composite thermal stabilizer. It  has excellent thermal stability and transparency. It does not cause  surface precipitation and migration when applied to PVC products. It has  better effect with heat-resistant oil, epoxy methyl ester and epoxy  soybean oil. For PVC slurry processing, widely used in slush molding, plastic coating, dip PVC processing technology.
The product not only has good compatibility and viscosity control, and can provide good initial coloring and color retention. This product has proven to be an excellent heat stabilizer. Good compatibility, low volatility, low migration, good light  resistance, suitable for soft pipe, granulation, rolling film, toys,  conveyor belts, advertising cloth, wallpaper and other PVC products  industry.
(1)  It can replace organotin stabilizer and lead salt stabilizer to meet  the non-toxic wire and cable environmental sanitation requirements; (2)  Has excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to  sulfide pollution; (3) Has a good lubrication Sexual  and unique coupling, give good dispersion of fillers, improve the resin  package, improve product performance, reduce mechanical wear and  prolong the service life of the equipment; (4) both toughening and  promote melting, plasticizing the flow Good; (5) can give a good uniform PVC mixture plasticizing and high-speed melt flow, the product surface smooth.