The solution for problem of Ca Zn stabilizer replace lead base stabilizer

                     The solution for problem of Ca Zn  stabilizer replace lead salt stabilizer


The liquid Ca Zn stabilizer is a complex of calcium-zinc organic salts, phosphites, polyols, antioxidants and solvents. Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer and resin and plasticizer compatibility, transparency is good, not easy to precipitate, the amount of less, easy to use. The main drawback is poor lubricity, reduce the softening point of the product, long-term storage will deteriorate.

Solid calcium-zinc soap stabilizer is mainly stearic acid soap, followed by lauric acid soap and oleic acid soap. The product is characterized by good lubricity, do not reduce the softening point of PVC hard products for rigid PVC pipe and profile processing.

And the use of micro-emulsification technology and processing products to overcome these shortcomings.People focus on improving from two aspects: to improve the initial coloring, with a sufficient amount of zinc soap, the use of chelating agent to zinc chloride harmless, this As a combination of high zinc: to reduce the amount of zinc soap to inhibit zinc burning, with additives to change the initial coloring, this approach has become a low zinc with. , Not only in the wide application of soft products, the thermal stability and transparency are recognized, but also successfully applied to hard products processing. In order to make the calcium / zinc system both to maintain a small initial coloring, but also to inhibit zinc burning.

General lead salt attached to the surface of PVC particles, its role is equivalent to hinder the integration of PVC particles, will significantly delay the plasticization, reduce the friction between PVC particles to reduce the shear within the PVC, the processing equipment to bear the load is low. The amount of lead salt, lead salt particles more detailed, the more obvious the role of the next.

Traditional environmental products such as calcium and zinc stabilizer, in the plasticization process, due to the larger electronegativity, polar groups and PVC resin acute node has a certain affinity to form a bond to a strong bond, thereby weakening or Eliminating the PVC layer of the ion bond of the attraction, is PVC intertwined segments easy to spread, the boundaries between molecular groups easy to promote PVC resin plasticization. This leads to the resin in the feeding section of plastic, the melt pressure increases rapidly, the melt viscosity decreases, the temperature increases, the plasticizing temperature decreases. Also made of resin transition plasticization.

And because the traditional PVC processing equipment for the use of lead salt stabilizer processing services, even by adding a sufficient amount of lubricant can not be enough time to prevent further plasticization of the resin, but also destroyed the original lubrication balance, The use of late PVC melt in the homogenization of the consumption of a large number of heat stabilizer at the same time, they can not achieve the desired viscosity and elasticity to meet the needs of rigid PVC production. This is the calcium and zinc stabilizer in the alternative lead salt must be resolved.

Product Application Editors

CZ-112 series, CZ-202 series, CZ-203 series, CZ-205 series and CZ-206 series calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizer is an environmentally friendly and efficient multi-function solid calcium and zinc compound heat stabilizer. Excellent thermal stability and transparency, for PVC products will not produce surface precipitation and migration phenomenon, and heat-resistant oil, epoxy methyl ester, epoxy soybean oil and the effect is better. Applicable to PVC slurry processing, widely used in slush, plastic, plastic and other PVC processing technology.

The product not only has good compatibility and control of the viscosity, but also can provide a good initial coloring and color retention. The product has proven to be an excellent heat stabilizer. Good compatibility, low volatility, good mobility, good light resistance, suitable for soft pipe, granulation, rolling film, toys, conveyor belt, advertising cloth, wallpaper and other PVC products industry.

(1) can replace organotin stabilizer and lead salt stabilizer to meet the environmental protection requirements of non-toxic wire and cable; (2) has excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to sulfide pollution; (3) has a good lubrication (4) both toughening and promote the role of melting, plasticizing the flow of plastic, the use of a variety of materials, (5) can give PVC mixture of good uniform plastic and high-speed melt flow, so that the product surface smooth.

Recommended dosage: 2-5PHR of the total amount of the mixture