The reinforcement and high filler content for nano calcium carbonate in rubber products

The reinforcement and high filler content for Nano calcium carbonate in rubber products

Nano-calcium carbonate has a small size effect, surface effect, quantum effect and the like, which can produce excellent properties that do not have the micron-sized calcium carbonate, relative to ordinary micron-sized calcium carbonate. Nano-sized calcium carbonate is the first nano-powder into the industrial production of products, used in rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, adhesives and sealing materials, medicine, food, automotive, household chemicals and other industries. Not only has a filling effect, but also has a semi-reinforcing and reinforcing effect.

At present, domestic and foreign applications of nano-calcium carbonate rubber products are: tires, rubber shoes, hoses and tape, wire and cable, as well as rubber sealing products, shock products and medical and food products.

For rubber, calcium carbonate is second only to carbon black, white carbon black of the third reinforcing filler, with low toxicity, low price, good reinforcement and so on. It is reported that calcium carbonate of particle size between 10-100nm have reinforcing effect to rubber and plastic; particle size between 5-20 nm, the reinforcing effect is equivalent to white carbon black. Nano calcium carbonate can be part or most of the replacement of expensive carbon black and white carbon black reinforced filler, suitable for use in light-colored rubber products. At present, the use of nano-calcium carbonate rubber types are involved in NR, NBR, SBR, BR, silicone rubber and so on.

Nano-calcium carbonate can be used for all kinds of rubber products , for example, in natural rubber and butadiene rubber and tire tread rubber dosage can be as high as 60 copies of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber and the amount of sidewall rubber can be used Up to 30 copies, tubing up to 100 copies, the amount of hose up to 60, the amount of up to 30 in the tape, up to 100 pieces of rubber, rubber can reach 80 and so on. Can also be used for other high-performance rubber products and latex products.

Compared with ordinary calcium carbonate, the biggest advantage of nano calcium carbonate is manifested in the reinforcing effect of rubber elastomer, and many studies have shown that nano-calcium carbonate, whether in self-reinforcing rubber or non-self-reinforcing rubber, polar rubber or non-polar Rubber, saturated rubber or unsaturated rubber in varying degrees to show the effect of the elastic reinforcement, a greater increase in the mechanical strength of the material to be filled , but different filling effect of different materials The To really play the filling effect of nano-calcium carbonate, must be from the formula design, raw material selection, processing technology

 point of view to consider.