The difference for nano calcium carbonate and superfine heavy calcium carbonate

 The difference for nano calcium carbonate and superfine heavy calcium carbonate

The production process of nano calcium carbonate mainly uses carbonization method, mainly intermittend carbonization method, continuous spray carbonization method, high gravity carbonization method and other production methods, the particle size between 0.01~ 0.1μm.

Heavy calcium carbonate production process is mainly crushed, ultra-fine grinding, grading and surface modification.

The most difference of nano precipitated calcium carbonate and superfine natural calcium carbonate is in the particle size. 

At present, the  nano calcium carbonate of modifier can be divided into surfactants, coupling agents, polymers and inorganic materials according to its structure and characteristics, mainly in order to give fully play to the nanometer effect of nano CaCO3 to improve its dispersion in the composite material, and the affinity of the organism to improve the performance of nano calcium carbonate filled composite materials, must be used to modify the surface modification method and its surface modification, and then expand its wide application areas. 

Nano calcium carbonate has been 50 years of application history, widely used in rubber, plastics, paper, chemical building materials, inks, coatings, sealants and adhesives and other industries.