PVC stabilizers will replace CD stabilizer

CD stabilizer will stop in the near future. But this is a slow process, one reason is that most of the cost of cadmium stabilizers used by 10%-20%, no cadmium stabilizers and PVC mixture cannot be used in a wider range. Working range is narrow, often need secondary stabilizers to make up for its weakness. Now free of cadmium stabilizers performance have reached the performance of cadmium stabilizers. Calcium zinc stabilizer developed rapidly. And in powder, paste and liquid, as well as the standard grade and nontoxic level sold second-generation calcium zinc stabilizer in food and drug packaging has replaced methyl Tin Tin and zinc base. Lead stabilizer for his spare set small, so security is not a problem when using, but there are safety problems of harmful to the environment. Lead stabilizers of low cost, high efficiency, many enterprises have used this, along with the development of non-lead PVC compound stabilizers, lead salts are being replaced by nontoxic green stabilizer. As more countries banned lead, lead stabilizers are withdrawn from the market