Nano calcium carbonate and rubber composite system

Nano calcium carbonate and rubber composite system 

 The development of nano calcium carbonate and rubber composite material, inorganic materials can be rigid, dimensional stability and thermal stability and rubber flexibility, processing and dielectricity together, thus get the performance of composite materials. 

 At present, the world's industrialized countries use powder rubber composite with Nanometer calcium carbonate. Powder rubber is mainly prepared by coagulation coating method. In the preparation process, in the powder system by adding a reinforcing agent or filler, made of 

filled powder rubber or powder masterbatch. The use of cohesive coating made of nano calcium carbonate and powder rubber composite system are: Nano-calcium carbonate powder filled 

with styrene-butadiene rubber (PSBR), Nano Calcium carbonate filled with powder nitrile rubber 

(PNBR), nano calcium carbonate filled with powder natural rubber (PNR) and so on. The results show that the mechanical properties of nanometer calcium carbonate and powder rubber composite system are greatly improved compared with that of bulk rubber and nano-calcium carbonate, and the dispersibility of nano-calcium carbonate in powder rubber is higher than that in bulk rubber Significant improvement. Many researchers have explored the new process of nano-calcium carbonate and rubber composites.