Learn what plastic masterbatch

Color and color, color (Color Master Batch) is a new type of special colorant for polymers, also known as pigment preparations (Pigment Preparation). It consists of a pigment or dye, carriers and additives composed of three basic elements, is the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly covered in resin and are aggregate, pigment concentrates (Pigment Concentration), so his coloring than the pigment itself. Simply say master is an extraordinary amount of pigments or dyes of uniform covered in resin and aggregates.

Masterbatch technical requirements are very strict, General masterbatch technology is used in the wet process. Masterbatch water ground, negotiating phase, washing, drying, granulation, and only so that product quality can be guaranteed. Other pigments in the ground at the same time, masterbatch technology tests should be carried out, such as the determination of the fine sanded grout, and determination of non sanded grout, sanded grout for determination of solid content and determination of fineness of colorants and other projects.