How to pave the way for making environmental protection PVC stabilizer

(1) lead organization set up by the China plastics processing Association PVC stabilizer environmental protection Promotion Committee, Member of professional Committee covering PVC processing products. Emphasized the Association's core role, coordinating the specialized committees, the Government and other social organizations, joint PVC stabilizer upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly promote the process of environmental protection.

(2) technical experts organized by the environmental protection Promotion Committee was established industry committees and working groups.

(3) attract influential PVC products industry upstream and downstream enterprises to join the advancing ranks of backbone enterprises must carefully follow the Association's leadership and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise. Union of Jiangsu chemical company as a stabilizer of the backbone enterprises in the industry, the first environmental protection into action in the stabilizer, who plans an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons in Jiangsu Province in the near future large stabilizer factory, where the environmental protection level stabilizer output to 75,000 tons.

(4) development tasks and schedule, step up efforts to implement. Short-term goals: industry backbone enterprises in two years to complete environmental protection infrastructure, achieve discharge, up to the national "Twelve-Five" plan calls for heavy metals emission reduction target of not less than 15% per year, standardize corporate environmental behavior; medium-term goals: to "Twelve-Five" at the end, replaced heavy metal stabilizers to achieve products 50%; long-term goal: to "Thirteen-Five" at the end, achieving an industry-wide replaced heavy metal stabilizers.