How to choose the suitable heat stabilizer for PVC products

How to choose the suitable heat stabilizer for PVC products

The process of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), heat stabilizer is key, how to choose the suitable stabilizer are the major factors of the prices of brand, product safety, product performance and stability, product batch, product service and so on several factors. The following combination of stabilizer characteristics, specific introduction:

1. Price brand factor

In the selection of materials, the consideration of price factors sometimes exceeds other factors, which is understood by everyone. Prices were flat, choose a big brand can have a better product quality, from product brand effect, including external publicity of brand value, choose a big brand premium value will be more than the stabilizer itself value.

2. Product safety factors

There is a growing awareness of environmental protection, including the process of production and use. Hope had no harmful effect on environment and personal, lead salt stabilizer in PVC stabilizer has now gradually at the national level gradually used by restrictions, Europe has started to limit in 2010, our sales of calcium zinc complex stabilizer have environmental protection can prevent dust pollution of lead salt stabilizer and compound stabilizer, domestic pipe association has in advance of tubing products utilizing work, other industries will also follow up, the use of environment-friendly calcium zinc stabilizer is the trend of The Times. We sell stabilizer calcium and zinc stabilizers with food contact and variety of toys, which have been certified by the European Union and the United States.

3. Product performance factors

The performance of the selection stabilizer includes the thermal dynamic stability of the processing, the ease of processing and the stability of the product.

Processing of dynamic thermal stability of PVC processing discoloration, decomposition of the process, is to determine whether work out products that meet the requirements, the main factors to consider in the premise of appropriate dosage with the least amount of cost to produce qualified products. Need according to different applications, such as PVC pipe, wire and cable materials, soft products, sealing strip, artificial leather, thin films, floor, plank material and application, choose different types of PVC compound stabilizer, satisfy the dynamic thermal stability in the production of PVC products, the processing technology, ease of use of the requirements of the product's stability in the late.

4. Product batch stability factor

Product batch stability is the quality of the product performance of a project, but the actual use process is a headache problem, need from raw material procurement quality batch control, production process quality control, to the product inspection batch control of the environment of control, and consider the customer change the quality of raw materials. As a key control index project, PVC stabilizer is controlled in a rigorous and rigid manner in the aspects of product development and production quality control.

5. Product service factors

Product services include technical services and business services.

PVC stabilizer began to use the technical service is the key, including the adjustment of the formula, the optimization of processing technology, product performance test, need to have special localized technical service team, providing customers with formula of testing, the optimization of processing technology and formula product performance contrast test technical support services.