Compound stabilizing agent what are using more

PVC stabilizers it is difficult to specify standards, currently there are no national standards, according to shape can be divided into liquid, powder and paste; Department of metal soaps can be divided into lead salts, calcium, zinc, barium, zinc, barium, cadmium and zinc, potassium and zinc, a few also barium magnesium and zinc, calcium, barium, zinc composite stabilizer. Although there are no national standards, but can be used by other standards to measure the quality of compound stabilizers. The environment, can be compared through Rosh,Reach,PAHS and other regulatory directives of the European Union. The stability of lead salts can be compared by Congo red stabilizers stability. Color, odor can be detected through the other standards to identify compound stabilizer quality.
There are many kinds of PVC stabilizers, current use are as follows:
A, organic Tin stabilizers, which currently dominates, its excellent thermal stability, environmental protection and processing properties are recognized. Mainly used in high end transparent PVC products used in formula.
Two-, lead salt heat stabilizer stabilizers stability best, but the disadvantage is not environmentally friendly, excessive heavy metals and can only be used on top of opaque products, advantage of cheaper price.
Three, calcium, zinc and rare-earth stabilizer and stabilizer to use environmental protection as a selling point, but has the disadvantage of poor thermal stability, the price is more expensive.