Composite stabilizer in Pvc usage considerations

Now decoration at home always involves a wide variety of coatings, paints, latex, and so on, and PVC composite stabilizer is one of many decoration materials. It is well known that the material is a polymer, used process, we need to pay attention to a number of considerations.
First of all, before we open the packaging of such materials must ensure that air circulation around it. PVC composite stabilizer with a lot of volatility, and material composition, if not time in the confined space of circulation will cause some harm to the human body. Which is why after the House renovated, fail to advise the customer to stay for three months, but vacant housing, ventilation air.
Make sure that after the circulation of the air around, we open the package, they also need to know the material is a liquid or a powder. Pvc stabilizers in General is divided into liquid and solid two way. If it is liquid, we need to pay attention to in the course of using a lot of problems and not let these materials to touch the skin, not to make our mouth, ear, nose throat eyes stained with these things. Mainly when used in their own safety.
Powdered stabilizers, drying requires us to keep the surrounding environment, pay attention to fire prevention. In General, use a powdered stabilizer to avoid liquid stabilizers are more safe and convenient. However, we in which we still need to pay attention to their own protection. As long as we use these materials, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, you can build homes offers great benefits for us.