Calcium zinc stabilizer in PVC hard application of products

PVC green composite stabilizer mainly used in PVC and other chlorine-containing polymers are polymer materials especially in the processing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and its copolymers essential additives in the process. PVC Hongyuan chemical industry environmental protection compound stabilizers, zinc stearate, PE wax 17 years ago, is a unique manufacturer.
Here to introduce PVC green composite stabilizer you must meet the following conditions:
① lively in the polymer chain can replacement atoms (such as allylic chlorine atom PVC) to get a more stable chemical bonds and decrease the dehydrochlorination raised possibility of controlled automatically as a catalyst;
② can quickly fall off hydrogen chloride, inhibited its auto-catalysis;
③ through and polymers in the presence of unsaturated and key addition reaction to form saturated polymer chain to enhance thermal stability;
④ can inhibit the oxidation of hydrocarbon allylic structure and Crosslinking;
⑤ has affinity for polymeric materials, and toxic or less toxic;
⑥ polymeric materials, does not already exist in the additives such as plasticizers, fillers and pigments.